Various Cooking Events:

Lee Singers, Birmingham, AL 3/14/2015

Cooked grilled chicken, corn and baked potatoes
Group Volunteer Hours–8
Number of Volunteers–2
Number of Meals Served– 30
Accumulative Mileage For Event–52

Sickle Cell Run/Walk in Birmingham, AL 5/2/2015

Cooked Jambalaya
Group Volunteer Hours–29
Number of Volunteers–6
Number of Meals Served– 350 (plus the amount given to various fire stations)
Accumulative Mileage For Event–170 (5 vehicles)

Metro Fight Club (Men’s Ministry) Birmingham, AL 5/17/2015

Cooked 30 lbs of shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn
Group Volunteer Hours–14
Number of Volunteers–4
Number of Meals Served– 45
Accumulative Mileage For Event–44 miles (4 vehicles)

Don’t Drink and Drive Event in Sylacauga, AL 5/18/2015

Cooked hamburgers
Group Volunteer Hours–22 1/2
Number of Volunteers–3
Number of Meals Served– 400
Accumulative Mileage For Event–115 (1 vehicle)

Senior (50’s plus) Event in Springville, AL 5/23/2015

Cooked Bar B Q plates with slaw baked beans and pound cake
Group Volunteer Hours–35.5
Number of Volunteers–6
Number of Meals Served– 200
Accumulative Mileage For Event–470 (4 vehicles)

State of AL Church of God Ministerial Council 6/3/2015

Cooked 80 Steaks
Group Volunteer Hours–23
Number of Volunteers–5
Number of Meals Served– 80
Accumulative Mileage For Event–273 (4 vehicles)

Flood Damaged Red Bush Kentucky 7/21/2015-7/24/2015

Cooked 3 Days
Group Volunteer Hours–254
Number of Volunteers–5
Number of Meals Served– 1950
Accumulative Mileage For Event–3201 (3 round trips)

Totals for the year 2015

Group Volunteer Hours–386
Number of Volunteers–31
Number of Meals Served– 3055
Accumulative Mileage–4325