Totals 2013

The following events are where we gave food out paid for by donations without reimbursements from any organizations.  Throughout the year we also work with churches to cook and serve food on their behalf.  At these events the churches pay for the supplies and food.  We volunteer our time at these events.  These events are categorized as “various events” below.

Various Events 2013

Campmeeting, Pastor Conference, 4th of July, Fight Club, Friend Day (Metro Church), VN

Group Volunteer Hours–117
Number of Volunteers–21
Number Cooked For– 1700
Mileage For Events– 114

Adairsville, GA February 2013
Group Volunteer Hours–128
Number of Volunteers–3
Mileage For Trip– 470

Hattiesburg, MS February 2013

Group Volunteer Hours–98
Number of Volunteers–4
Number Cooked For– 2000
Mileage For Trip– 470

Moore, OK May 2013

Group Volunteer Hours–668
Number of Volunteers–8
Number Cooked For– 3450
Mileage For Trip– 1375

Hoover Family Day, October 2013

Group Volunteer Hours–55
Number of Volunteers–12
Number Cooked For– 550
Mileage For Trip– 32

Group Volunteer Hours–1070
Number of Volunteers Per Day–111
Number Cooked For–7700